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6 Takeaways from Social Media Day 2019

August 27, 2019

Over the summer we attended Social Media Day San Diego. This annual event features experts, speakers and the latest innovations in the world of social media marketing. Here are 6 key takeaways from Social Media Day San Diego 2019.

1. User Generated Content Outperforms Brand Content

User generated content (UGC) is the result of well-made products and great experiences. It’s what customers can’t help but share on their social media pages for all their friends and family to see. User generated content has been shown to be far more influential than brand content, as 85% of web users are more impacted by user generated content versus created content. When it comes to purchasing decisions, it has been shown that 84% of millenials and 70% of baby boomers are influenced by UGC. A few ways to get customers to create content for you is to create shareable experiences, offer incentives and contests, and develop talk triggers. This research and insight was provided by Casual Fridays.

Yeti UGC instagram post by way of @mirandashea24

2. Quality > Quantity

Marketing expert Tina Starkey showcased the importance of quality posts vs. quantity posts. To sum it up, you shouldn’t just post for postings sake. If you spam your followers with daily content, they can become immune to your messages and simply scroll past them. Posting meaningful content, less often, stands out to those who see them and result in higher levels of engagement. Instead of focusing on what to post everyday, you should refocus your efforts on relevant, high-quality content. You can use this higher quality content for longer periods of time and work on engaging with your customers through social media. 

Tina Starkey is the Chief Marketing Officer of the nonprofit Stop Soldier Suicide.

3. Incorporate Youtube into your Marketing Plan

Youtube guru Sean Cannell spoke about the endless marketing opportunities the platform offers. According to Sean, Youtube has about 2 billion active monthly users, who watch 250 million hours of programming per day. 96% of 18-24 year olds and half of Americans over 75 use Youtube. 68% of people use Youtube to make purchasing decisions, yet only 9% of small businesses are on the platform. So how can you implement Youtube into your marketing plan?

There are three primary opportunities: 1. Ads 2. Influencers 3. Content.

With ads, all you need is one video to start, then you can create an omnipresence while not spending a ton of money, because Youtube’s cost per thousand (CPM) is relatively low. You can also market via micro-influencers on Youtube. Micro-influencers are individuals with a following from anywhere between 10,000 to 500,000 followers. They are beneficial in that they are trusted by their audience, are brand relevant, have influence, and there are a ton of them out there. The third way you can market through the platform is by creating your own channel and producing content. By creating your own channel you have the ability to craft content that is directed toward your target audience. Hopefully your audience will find these videos useful and you can continue to consistently promote your product or brand through the platform.

Youtube for the win.

4. Group Photos Outperform Photos of Individuals 

When advertising your product or brand, use group photos. Levels of engagement are higher when using group photos versus photos of individuals or products. Using group photos also allows you to showcase your ideal customer. For Facebook advertising, some other tactics that result in high levels of engagement include having attention grabbing props and backgrounds. Using bright colors in the background and adding kids and dogs can catch the eye of viewers. Having authentic, casual photos also work well on Facebook, along with photos that evoke emotion.

Group photos outperform photos of individuals.
Group photos outperform photos of individuals. Photo by CFL Media Group.

5. Leverage Podcasts

Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com praised the power of the podcast. 51% of Americans are listening to podcasts, and the majority of those listeners are young, educated, and affluent people. Podcasts are rising in popularity, with the average podcast listener subscribing to 7 podcasts. Whether it is actually creating a podcast or being a guest on a podcast, it is a great way to connect to your audience and customers. If you choose to advertise on a podcast, data concludes that 54% of podcast listeners are likely to buy from brands they hear advertised on the podcast. 

6. Instagram Story Ads Perform Better than Instagram Feed Ads

Thanks to the “Social Media Lab”, a place where social media myths are tested by conducting multiple studies across several platforms to gather data, we now have some insight into what performs better on Instagram. One myth the Social Media Lab busted is there’s no difference between the performance of Instagram feed ads versus Instagram story ads. Data collected by the Social Media Lab showed that Instagram story ads reached 44% more users and had a 23% higher conversion rate than feed ads.