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How to Capture an Audience’s Attention in the Summer

August 9, 2018

Summer is always a tough time to get a customer’s attention. So many distractions! So much sunshine and vacation time! What’s a small business to do? Close doors and head to the beach? Of course not! There are various ways to use marketing to attract an audience mid-summer. Patio seating. Live music. Air conditioning. But everyone does that. The key to truly capturing an audience’s attention is to get creative. Set up a projector and have a movie night, host an art show with local artists, hire a face painter to appeal more to families.


Of course, everyone enjoys a good happy hour, but a happy hour is neither memorable nor unique. By doing something different, you can generate a buzz around your business and are able to capture the attention of not just your typical audience, but the attention of an audience that is drawn to the new idea you are incorporating into your business. Instead of the usual happy hour, bring out a wine or beer connoisseur to educate customers on what exactly they are drinking. Or maybe have a pop-up event with a local retailer to bring the retailer’s following to your business.


With changing schedules, out-of-town guests, and beautiful weather, summer is full of distractions. You have to give people a good reason to come to your business. So get creative and become memorable to your audience. You will not only be differentiating your business from your competitors, but will also be adding customers for the year to come.