Danielle Trammell

Marketing Manager

Danielle joined Darlington Marketing in 2013 and serves as Marketing Manager. Danielle provides vital support and contributes a fresh and unique perspective based on her skills, experiences and vision.

Danielle earned her Bachelors of Arts in both Art History and Political Science. Subsequent to her educational pursuits, Danielle worked in the fast paced Los Angeles fashion industry, where she collaborated with designers, working to expand the reach and potential of their labels. Danielle witnessed firsthand the importance of envisioning future market opportunities and assisting businesses in directing their brands to coincide with trends and anticipate decisive turns in the market. These experiences cemented her understanding of the need to identify subtle differences between regional consumers and how to specifically target those markets.

Danielle’s experience in lifestyle and hospitality marketing and consulting, afforded her the opportunity to gain an understanding of the skills necessary to work effectively in this industry. Key relationships within the hospitality industry have heightened Danielle’s awareness of the importance for businesses to have cohesive and contemporary branding strategies in order to appeal to all markets. With a keen eye for often overlooked details and an appreciation for efficiency, Danielle is a vital player on the Darlington Marketing team.