Kelsey Atkinson

Marketing Coordinator

Kelsey recently joined Darlington Marketing as a Marketing Coordinator. With experience in small business and startups, she continually provides an avid dedication to help restaurants thrive on a local level through partnerships, outreach, and fresh ideas.

Kelsey earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Francisco State University in 2018. Living in San Francisco, she discovered a passion for supporting her neighborhood joints serving organic coffees, craft beer from across the Bay Bridge, and fresh local foods. This passion is what ultimately drew her to the mission and core values of Darlington Marketing.

Kelsey’s skill in developing strategic outreach plans and discovering the best partnerships to stamp a brand into the community allows her to bridge her love for small business and San Diego. She is also an excellent writer with a passion for shaping communication strategy.

Out of the office, Kelsey spends much of her time in the sun, taking long runs, buying out the local farmers markets and holding dinner parties for her friends and family.