2019 Trends in Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant/ Social Media Trends for 2019

December 4, 2018



2018 is soon coming to an end, which means it is time to think about what trends will be taking over the restaurant industry in 2019! In 2018 it was all about being fast, convenient and affordable.

2019 predicts some new dining trends – 

1.     Farm-to-table and then some- This trend has been at the forefront for some time, but 2019 predicts a new twist for the farm-to-table trend – custom farming that includes planting for new menu development.

2.      “Free From” evolves –  Reducing dairy and gluten is a goal for many millennial diners; and for those who aren’t vegetarian, they are still interested in eating less meat.  Look for “meat free” days as a weekly routine for those eating out in 2019.

3.     Giving CBD a go – Many more CBD-oil infused foods and drinks, derived from the cannabis plant, will be introduced in 2019. It is predicted to be featured more on menus and in new products such as dressing, as more customers look toward the health benefits of this natural remedy. 

4.     Bowled over – It all started with poke bowls and now bowls come in all types of varieties! They are seen as easier to take on the go a healthier choice. Bowl centric restaurants will begin to bloom in 2019 and grain bowls will also be featured more on menus.


Instagram marketing trends for 2019-

1.     Story Ads- Instagram stories have become such a huge platform and with story ads, you are able to add banners between the slides of over people’s stories. They will be highly targeted to what your audience wants to see.

2.     Ecommerce shops- Shoppable posts! This will allow you to buy something on Instagram with a click of a button. On the post there is a little shopping bag icon at the corner of the screen and when you click on it, you can see more details on the product. It will then lead to more information on the product. The “shop now” button will take you directly to the product’s site.

3.     IGTV-  Unlike YouTube, IGTV is a vertical video playback which is great for marketers who are targeting mobile users. Instagram is trying to encourage more people to make video content and vertical video playback will make it exclusive to mobile users.

4.     Micro-brands becoming very popular- There are many small companies that are now becoming bigger thanks to Instagram. Instagram helps companies to increase their engagement rate and brand awareness, so it’s now possible for even the tiniest brands to take over the world!

So there you have it. Go forth and market, for 2019 is full of new possibilities!