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Talking football on Women Lead radio

December 1, 2015

American football on white background.

Cyndi was recently asked to be a guest on Women Lead Radio, a media outlet for the Connected Women of Influence association, discussing football for women. What, you may ask, could this possibly have to do with business and marketing?


As you may know, Cyndi’s hobby (and some would say obsession!) is writing about football from a women’s perspective at Hail Mary Blog, and she is often featured on Fox, NBC and other television and radio stations as an NFL expert, discussing everything from Super Bowl matchups to the economics of Fantasy Football.


In this episode of Women Lead Radio, she discusses why understanding and enjoying football can help women be stronger business people. Did you know the journey of an NFL rookie is quite similar to that of an entrepreneur? Are you ready to talk fantasy football with potential clients? Can you bond with your male colleagues over the hometown team? NFL Football is THE most successful sports business in the world and holds valuable lessons for any business person.

So listen in on the Connected Women of Influence Website!